Jul 14

Proud to be Exhale Spas Miami Ambassador


Opening up my heart in Nicaragua in full wheel pose


I first stumbled upon Exhale Spas ten years ago in New York City. It was summer break after my first year teaching middle school in the Bronx and the city was mine to explore. I was on my way to an art gallery on 57th Street when I came across the “exhale mind body spa” marquee on Central Park South. Something about it was so inviting that I had to go inside. They were offering a Summer of Zen promotion that included a Fusion Massage and a pack of yoga and Core Fusion classes at a price that seemed affordable on my teacher’s salary.

I was hooked. The massage was heavenly. The spa was peaceful and luxurious with full locker room, fluffy robes, herbal tea and a grounded color palette of greens and natural wood. The yoga studio was beautiful with hardwood floors, high ceilings and Buddha statuettes, while the Core Fusion studio was a high-performance arena for fitness in clean, custom environs.

I lived on the Upper East Side, so the Madison Avenue spa became my go-to location. Exhale is where I learned to love yoga, a practice that has served me well through the years. Its spa is one of the first luxurious indulgences I treated myself to as a young woman (it’s been a slippery slope since) and I’ve remained a loyal client.


The Deco facade of Exhale at Loews Miami Beach Hotel


When I was asked to be Brand Ambassador to Exhale Spas here in Miami, I was thrilled. The role is a natural fit as I’ve been recommending Exhale to friends, family and strangers all these years. Anyone who knows me knows I love Exhale. In fact, before I made the move to Miami, I made a point to visit Exhale at the Epic Hotel in Brickell for a yoga class and Power Facial on one of my apartment-hunting trips. With a second location newly open at Loews Miami Beach Hotel, it’s easier than ever for Miami girls (and boys) to get a taste of Exhale.

What exactly is it that keeps me coming back through the years?

  • I love that it’s a results-oriented spa with a mind-body philosophy. This is apparent from their customizable spa therapies to the precision of the movements in Core Fusion.
  • The environs and amenities are luxurious with a down-to-earth, organic and unpretentious vibe. Whether it’s a massage or a yoga class, I always feel like I’m being pampered when I’m at Exhale.
  • And finally, quality, quality, quality. I always know I’m in good hands. My complexion has been saved thanks to my aesthetician and the Power Facial, and I use the products that she recommends. During a deep tissue massage, my therapist worked out an old hamstring injury, and I swear, he healed me.

Striving for balance in tree pose


When it comes to whipping yourself into shape, the combination of yoga and Core Fusion with the guidance of their well-trained teachers is perfection. I’ve been a yoga and Pilates devotee for years and there’s nothing quite like the endorphin rush after a great class to sooth my mind and my body.

I’m excited for my new journey as Brand Ambassador for Exhale Spas in Miami. To kick things off, I’d like to share some of their goodness with you, my readers. I’m giving away a 10-pack of yoga + Core Fusion classes in Miami ($230 value) to one lucky reader. All you have to do is tell me in the comments section below why you think that person should be you. Post your comment by 11:59 p.m. Friday July 18 and I’ll announce the winner the next day. Namaste!

Yoga Pose Images by: ThankYouMiami

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  • Rosy

    Congrats Shayne! I’ve been working hard to live a healthier and happier life. I’ve been doing great at the gym, but I think adding yoga would help take my body and mind, to the next level.

    Thank for the great contest! :)

  • Kara Franker

    What an awesome gig!! I’ve been trying to decide on a new workout program this summer and Exhale sounds like it might be the perfect way to jumpstart my fitness. I’m a huge fan of Pilates and barre classes, but just need to make a commitment to get up and go! A 10-pack class package could provide the motivation I’m searching for. Thanks for posting such a great contest, Shayne! xo

  • Estee

    Congrats lady! I’m a yogi in training, but the core fusion mix sounds like it would be right up my alley. I’d love to try it! I’ve never been to exhale, but it sounds like an awesome experience. Well done – you’ve got my interest! 😉

  • Tracy

    Awesome, Shayne! Choose me, because it’s time this cardio monster gets her Namaste on! Always interested in yoga and core, I tend to favor a more intense, heart-pumping brand of exercise, and would like to learn the art of toning and patience! :)

    • http://www.shaynebenowitz.com/ Shayne Benowitz

      @disqus_R4sQ4GrY1O:disqus! Congratulations. You’re the winner of the Exhale Spa Miami 10-pack. Shoot me an email at Shayne@ShayneBenowitz.com to claim your prize!

      • Tracy

        LOVE YOU! <3 CAN'T WAIT!

  • Melissa Schollaert

    I should win because exhale is my favorite spa ever and I adore yoga. It is part of my regular wellness plan. So excited for you Shayne!! This is fantastic!!