Oct 7

On Slow Travel & Getting Off the Beaten Path

My friend and fellow fabulous writer Kara Franker asked me to share my insights on how I get off the beaten path while traveling to her readers at Orbitz. Here’s what I had to say:

“I’m a big believer in slow travel to truly uncover hidden jewels and understand a destination on a deeper level. And by slow travel, I mean exactly that: slowing down the pace and staying for awhile. For me, whether it was studying abroad in London or spending two consecutive winters in Paris, long-term travel was when I truly uncovered the unexpected, met locals and, for a short time, masqueraded as one of them. Even throughout the years I lived in Key West, I sort of felt like I was there on one long trip, observing the lifestyle and the people, while also participating in it. Those are some of my most enriching and cherished travel experiences, and whenever I discover a new destination that I truly love I always wish I could spend at least a month there.”

Exploring Dubrovnik and the Adriatic Sea at a spot called Buza, which literally means "hole in the wall."

Exploring Dubrovnik and the Adriatic Sea at a spot called Buza, which literally means “hole in the wall.”


My Travel Tip: “Just go for it. One of my favorite travel writers Pico Iyer said in a talk I attended last year, ‘All you need to travel is wonder and a Swiss Army knife.’ I loved that because, to me, it gets at the heart of the joys of travel: a wonderment about the world, different cultures and societies. Forget the lists of ‘must-dos’ or ‘best ofs’ and just travel with wonder and, of course, be prepared for anything—that’s where the Swiss Army knife comes into play. At that same talk, travel writer Barry Lopez explained that there are two ways to approach a place: analysis and awe. He prefers the latter. And so do I. That’s where the ‘off-the-beaten path’ discoveries are found and savored.”

For more off-the-beaten path tips by other intrepid travel bloggers, check out the full post on Orbitz.

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