Apr 27

Wanderlust Chameleon Featured on Stranded on Land


My dear friend Eunique Fowler recently launched Stranded on Land, a website connecting travel and outdoor adventure sport enthusiasts. She was kind enough to invite me to be profiled on her site. Eunique recently embarked on a solo cross-country road trip from Miami to San Diego to put down roots on the West Coast and pursue a new passion. I can’t be more proud of her for having the courage to strike out on her own.

Spearfishing in Bahamas' Cay Sals on one of my most recent adventures. Photo by Ian Miller.

Spearfishing in Bahamas’ Cay Sals on one of my most recent adventures. Photo by Ian Miller.


As someone who’s made similar moves, I know that as exciting as it can be, it’s never easy and can also be incredibly scary. In my profile on Stranded on Land, Eunique picks my brain about the moves I’ve made charting a course of independence that revolves around the water. I tell her: “I love having the freedom to pursue my interests, to push myself intellectually and creatively, and I love that I’m in control.” I talk about moving from New York to Key West, learning to sail and surf, and developing my career as a travel and lifestyle writer.

You can read my full interview with Eunique on Stranded on Land. Definitely click around the site for other inspiring stories and photos of the beautiful outdoors and people pushing their boundaries.

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