Jan 7

Humor: Zuckerberg & Putin Plot Civilization Overthrow via Facebook Secret Message


The world is going loco. I wrote a 1,000 word joke in response and published it on a website called Bullshit.ist. Maybe you’ll find it funny too. Here’s how it starts… 

Mark Zuckerberg looked down at his Apple Watch to check Steve Jobs’ weather forecast. Since Steve died a few years ago, he’d taken on a more omnipotent role at Apple, chief amongst his new responsibilities, updating the iPhone’s worldwide weather forecasts. Now, whenever anyone opened the Weather app on their iPhone, they were getting Steve Jobs’ analysis straight from his Cloud in heaven. Zuck needed to know how cold it was going to get in Menlo Park that evening so he could pick out the right hoodie for his top secret investors meeting with the Russians. Continue reading at Bullshit.ist.

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